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Yes, there really is a Sam and a Sarah, who are the "inspiration of attitude" for their designer mom, as well as the namesakes of the company.

It's all about my happy-go-lucky style that blends an art and graphic design background with a love of all things fiber. I rarely stitch in straight lines, will be a wildflower 'til the day I wilt, and never, ever misses a chance to dance. Want to have some fun?

How It All Got Started...
I grew up in a creative household and was always allowed to make things, as long as I cleaned up the mess. My mother was a meticulous seamstress and worked as an office manager, long before moms did that sort of thing. My dad had a work bench in the basement where I learned which end of the hammer to hold. There was never a shortage of wood and fabric scraps or office supplies for play time.

After college and marriage, I worked for advertising agencies and large printing companies until Sarah and Sam were born. Luckily, I was able to stay home while they were babies. When pre-school started, I began designing quilts on a free-lance basis for books and magazines. After the button company was going strong, I learned to translate my little drawings into stitching and started SamSarah. In 2010 I sold my half of the button company and now have a SamSarah quilt division as well.

I credit a very patient shop owner, Karen Galer, with most of my stitching education. And lots of gifted and sharing quilters (plus books galore) for my quilting education.

Thanks for letting me have so much fun!