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Yes, there really is a Sam and a Sarah, who are the "inspiration of attitude" for their designer mom, as well as the namesakes of the company.

It's all about my happy-go-lucky style that blends an art and graphic design background with a love of all things fiber. I rarely stitch in straight lines, will be a wildflower 'til the day I wilt, and never, ever misses a chance to dance. Want to have some fun?

How It All Got Started...
I grew up in a creative household and was always allowed to make things, as long as I cleaned up the mess. My mother was a meticulous seamstress and worked as an office manager, long before moms did that sort of thing. My dad had a work bench in the basement where I learned which end of the hammer to hold. There was never a shortage of wood and fabric scraps or office supplies for play time.

After college and marriage, I worked for advertising agencies and large printing companies until Sarah and Sam were born. Luckily, I was able to stay home while they were babies. When pre-school started, I began designing quilts on a free-lance basis for books and magazines. After the button company was going strong, I learned to translate my little drawings into stitching and started SamSarah. In 2010 I sold my half of the button company and now have a SamSarah quilt division as well.

I credit a very patient shop owner, Karen Galer, with most of my stitching education. And lots of gifted and sharing quilters (plus books galore) for my quilting education.

I am retiring, closing the shopping cart on this website, but shops will still be able to order charts until Thanksgiving. Please support them!

Thanks for letting me have so much fun!