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Thirst Aid Kit


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I found this wine tote with a clear vinyl window which displays the bottle enclosed. At the bottom of the window, is a clear pocket that is intended for insertion of a business card. Never one to use anything as intended, I stitched up a cute little piece, mounted it to card stock, glued it to another to create the red border and inserted that in the pocket. What a hysterical gift for your friends! And because of the small size for stitching, you can whip up a whole bunch for everyone!


You can use it for so much more than a bottle of wine! This would also make a great gift filled with sports drink for your favorite marathon runner, hockey player or dancer, apple juice for a new mom, a thermos of coffee for your favorite crossing guard. Gazillions of uses to make people smile.


design size 47 wide x 26 tall


Thirst Aid Kit includes a Pearl size chart, washed linen, Weeks floss, size 26 tapestry needle, cut-to-size card stock for finishing, and a black non-woven wine tote, all presented in a clear vinyl zip pouch.


Individual black wine totes are available HERE, if you'd like to whip up extra gifts with your own linen, floss and card stock, rather than buying additional all-inclusive kits.