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Sadie Stuart 1892 I Pledge Allegiance Sampler

Turns out this piece created some unexpected controversy, so before you become angry with me for leaving God out of the pledge, let me tell you that this is Sadie's celebration of the original pledge, as written in 1892 by Baptist minister Francis Bellamy. My imaginary Sadie Stuart would have learned this version in school. Since that time, there have been five alterations to the original pledge. The fifth change was in 1954, when Eisenhower was President, and Congress added the "under God" phrase. A full page of the chart is dedicated to the history of the pledge and it's journey to our current version.


design size 61 wide x 139 tall


I Pledge Allegiance Sampler is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30 count Havana over-dyed linen using Crescent Colours floss in 12 Grain, Apple Fritter, Bamboo, Blacksmith Blue, Queen Bee, Red Currant, Smoke, Wavy Navy, Wild Berries and Wild Oats. All specialty stitches are illustrated. Placed in an East Side Mouldings OLK-BKBR. Buttons are from my antique button collection.


A bonus Sadie's Needle Book is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 28 count Tin Roof over-dyed Natural Gingham using The Gentle Art floss in Rose Garden, Straw Bonnet, Toffee and Uniform Blue. Finishing instructions included.