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Fun Every Day: October


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Fun Every Day is a 48 part perpetual calendar design, releasing in twelve full size charts, each containing four parts. Stitched over one square of perforated paper with two strands of over-dyed floss, mounted to our custom die-cut tags and placed on a clever wire stand. Flip the tags to change the date. Contains seven days of the week, twelve months, all the numbers to make every combination, plus fifteen holiday, celebration, and weather designs. October contains the designs for Halloween/Harvest, October, Teens and Zero.


design size each piece 38 wide x 74 tall

Wichelt/Mill Hill 14 count Antique Brown perforated paper - 4 packages for entire project

Floss: This is designed as a stash buster. Each color used has options for three different over-dyed floss companies plus DMC substitutions. Click here to download a printable pdf file of the multi-option floss list.

The original printing of this chart contains an error. It's been reprinted several times since then, but if you get one and the floss key states September, you can download a printable pdf file of the updated key HERE. The only difference is in the Amount column, so that if you are using up stash, you can check to be sure you have enough of a particular floss before beginning to stitch.

Set of 50 SamSarah Custom die-cut tags A-9065 is HERE.

Ackfeld Calendar Stand A-26037 is HERE.