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Still Crazy - Slice 3


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Still Crazy After All These Years! A six slice series of crazy cats and flowers, all stitched together on one piece of linen.


design size entire series 258 wide x 129 tall


Still Crazy is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30 count Sea Foam linen, using one each of Weeks Dye Works floss unless noted in parenthesis: Aztec Red, Bethlehem, Bright Leaf, Capri, Cayenne, Charcoal, Chesapeake, Cypress, Father's Day, Flatfish, Goldenrod, Peoria Purple, Romance, Sea Glass, Sophie's Pink, Sweetheart Rose, and Whitewash (2.)


Buttons are included within each package. Because of the differing amount of buttons, the price to vary slightly. Be sure to put the packet on your floss ring, or keep it in the chart bag, as they are not available separately.


Our finished stitching will be displayed on an Ackfeld 18" Windy Scroll Hanger, A-30102 HERE. This is a larger version of the hanger we used for Something Wicked.