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Ten X the Fun: Free Range Rooster


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I just love the concept of flipping tags to change the display. Ten X the Fun is a series of 50 fun little pieces presented in ten booklets. There will be all kinds of random, somewhat seasonal, designs to enjoy. Mix them all up and the combinations are huge!


design size Free Range Roosters vary from 28 to 36 wide x 54 to 63 tall


Free Range Roosters are stitched on Mill Hill/Wichelt 14 count Antique Brown perforated paper using two strands of Weeks Dye Works over-dyed floss in Blue Jeans, Indian Summer, Grits, Oak, Onyx and Tiger's Eye, cut out and mounted on our custom die-cut Chocolate Brown hang tags, and displayed on another Ackfeld Calendar Holder HERE, just like the holder used to create our Perpetual Calendar, Fun Every Day. If you created the calendar, that holder is full so a new holder is needed, along with another packet of fifty die-cut tags HERE.


This is a great project to use up fibers in your stash. Different floss colors will be used each month depending on the subject. No buttons are used in this series - it makes the tags too thick to hang nicely on the holder when all ten are complete.