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Land That I Love


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Our family lives in a town that neighbors an Air Force base, so lots of our friends are military and planes are always practicing overhead. I'm not sure if that's what makes me so aware of the high price we pay for our liberty (some of those kids are SO young!) or if that would be a part of me anyway. I unabashedly love this country. A vintage chart with photo glued to cover.


design size Land That I Love banner 66 wide x 95 tall, Home Sweet Home pillow 53 wide x 68 tall.


Land That I Love is stitched on R&R Reproductions 10 count Delta Blue Tula using The Caron Collection Watercolours in Blush, Caramel, Cinnabar, Midnight, Polar Ice and Ruby with JABC pack 5953. Finish is sewn with a thin layer of quilt batt inside.


Home Sweet Home pillow is stitched on R&R 32 count Creek Bed Brown linen using The Gentle Art Cherry Wine, Dried Thyme, Flax, Midnight, Oatmeal and Sable. Finish is sewn and stuffed with fiberfill to create a small pillow.