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Let It Snow


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I was already stitching Let It Snow, when a shop owner asked me to design a piece for her then favorite phrase, It's Beyond My Control. So I put them together in this chart. That same shop owner later stitched the piece over one on a tiny count linen and finished it as a pin, that she wore daily at the shop!


design size Let It Snow 100 wide x 125 tall, It's Beyond My Control 80 wide x 80 tall


Let It Snow is stitched on R&R Reproductions 30 count Park City Blend linen using Weeks Dye Works in Angel Hair, Blue Bonnet, Charcoal, Chestnut, Garnet, Ivy (2,) Navy and Whitewash (2) with JABC pack 5961. Frame is no longer available. I failed to add Ivy to the symbol key inside the chart - it is used to stitch the tree (the point at the top, double triangle symbol.)


It's Beyond My Control is stitched on R&R Reproductions 20 count Blue Wave linen using Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton in Fawn, Garnet, Mocha, Navy, and Whitewash (2) and finished as a pillow. Vintage chart with photo glued to cover.