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Fun & Fixes

Collector's List & Chart Repairs

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Fun Every Day: August FIX


Halloween Happy and Katydids & Coneflowers FIX


Heard it Through the Grapevine part 2 FIX


Out of the Woods: Fox chart FIX


Out of the Woods: Owl and Fox FIX


Still Crazy part 5 FIX


Sulky Thread 6-pack


Beach Zipper Pull


Collector's List 6.30.2016


Fun All Year FIX


Fun Every Day: October FIX


Fun Every Day: September FIX


Halloween Banners FIX


Halloween Zipper Pull


Happy Catz FIX


Happy Dance FIX


Happy Easter Bunny FIX


Happy Life part one FIX


Hare Line FIX


Imaginary Botanicals Stripes FIX


Imaginary Botanicals Swirls FIX


In My Garden Quilt Book FIX


In My Garden: Chapter Six FIX


It's Raining Cats and Dogs


Let It Snow FIX


Monogram Zipper Pull


Our House Complimentary Border Chart


Over the Hill: Patriot FIX


SamSarah Coffee Tumbler


Santa Zipper Pull


September Buzzz FIX


Something Wicked Fix and Alternate Stitching


Spring Zipper Pull


Stitching with Over-dyed Fibers


Sweet, Sweet Babe FIX


Target Bird FIX


Ten X the Fun: Happy (Cupcakes) Celebration FIX


Waving Flag Zipper Pull


Winter Zipper Pull


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