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Happy Easter Bunny FIX

Gremlins played with the floss key! The corrections are:

tiny open circle symbol should be Butternut Squash GA 7020

open heart symbol should be Berry Splash WDW 4153

Honeysuckle is not used at all.



Eyes are colonial or french knots with two strands of Blue Jeans

Nose and mouth are straight stitches with two strands of Berry Splash


There are long stitch symbols on the feet and hands, but once I actually stitched the bunny I elected not to add them, yet failed to remove them from the chart. If you feel your bunny feet and hands could use a little more definition, you may backstitch those lines with Sand.


Also, my dye lot of Grasshopper linen was very light. The actual color for that linen is darker (lots of people like it that way.) You may substitute 30 count Guacamole if you'd like your linen closer to (although not exactly the same) the pictured version.