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4" Jack O Lantern Charcoal split-bottom hanger


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Halloween Banners, chart 9087, uses two different split bottom hangers to display the banners. Jack O Lantern Holder, in a charcoal finish, is used for the head of our not-so-scary Scarecrow.  If you are getting the set, make sure you order A-27332 Trick or Treat in Charcoal.


The thing I love about this 4" wonder is you can hang it from a nail, or with the attached magnet, it can go on anything metal. Your metal door, refrigerator, file cabinet. I keep saying versatile, but Ackfeld holders really are.


The Jack O Lantern Holder is also used to finish the Something Wicked Lagniappe!


SamSarah distributes the Ackfeld pieces used with our designs. They are also available directly from Ackfeld.