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Calendar Holder


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The folks at Ackfeld are so clever. I gave them a drawing of my idea, and they sent me a stand that is better than I imagined! It's perfect for our perpetual calendar, Fun Every Day. With the completion of that series in 2013, I no longer had an on-the-go stitching project. So, I designed a new series to use with this stand, Ten X the Fun!


Five rings, with openings in the back, are welded to the top and hold our custom die-cut tags.


To hang the tags, press and hold the ring to the side with one hand, and slide the tag, wrong side up and parallel to the table through the slim opening until the hole can be slipped on the ring. Then flip the tag to the front.


SamSarah distributes the Ackfeld pieces used with our designs. They are also available directly from Ackfeld.